RFRSH Entertainment brings esports to the mainstream audience, through the creation of their new tournament format ‘Blast Pro Series’, their new media approach and innovative content made readily available to all esports fans.

Meet the team

The RFRSH team is a blend of highly skilled and experience “native” esports professionals and players, and professional executives equipped with proven track records from the media, entertainment and sports industries.

RFRSH Entertainment is an organisation with unmatched experience and skills, as well as profound knowledge and experience in the industry.

Nikolaj Nyholm
CEO & Founder

Robbie Douek
President & CCO

 Jakob Kristensen
Co-Founder & EVP Sales

Steen Laursen
VP – Communications & Brand

Jordi Roig
VP – Executive Producer

Ben Oliver
VP – Creative & Original Content

Alexander Lewin
VP – Distribution & Programming

 RFRSH Entertainment